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Carerix 5 privacy statement

Note: This statement can be updated, make sure to check this page regularly.
Last edit: 16 July 2020


To enable you to take control of your personal data, we offer this easy to read privacy statement. This statement is applicable to all data sets and data processing by Carerix B.V. through our SaaS platform, accessible via https://[customer] In this privacy statement with any mention of Carerix (or ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘we’), Carerix B.V. is addressed.

This statement describes the following:

  1. The role of Carerix in processing your data;
  2. How to exercise your rights as data subject;
  3. Information about the cookies Carerix uses (which are all functional);
  4. How to contact us in case you might have questions for us;
  5. Some background about Carerix.

The collection and processing of personal data through our platform is done in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation which is the data protection law of the European Union.

Which information does Carerix collect and why?

Data collection

Foremost, Carerix delivers a SaaS platform to its customers in order to facilitate them in their recruitment and staffing processes. Therefore, Carerix only acts, as what the GDPR calls, a processor for its customers. Carerix doesn’t make decisions about which data from you is collected and for what purpose. Our customers decide and are in control of which information they collect from you and for what purpose this is collected in order for us to process it on their request. Carerix has an agreement with it’s customers which obliges us to deliver our software platform and process the data on their behalf. This makes the processing of your data as processor lawful for Carerix. However, our SaaS platform does use some functional cookies in order for the application to work and behave as intended. See more on that below.

Exercising your rights as a data subject

Under GDPR, the Controller (our customer) is primarily responsible to facilitate you as a data subject in the ability to exercise your rights, where these are applicable. These include:

  1. The right of access to your data;
  2. The right to rectification of your data;
  3. The right of erasure of your data;
  4. The right to restrict processing of your data;
  5. The right to data portability; and
  6. The right to object.

Therefore, please refer to the privacy statement of our customer for any details about the processing of your data, how you can exercise your rights as a data subject, or any other questions you might have about your privacy.

What cookies does the Carerix application use?

The Carerix application, usually accessible via, makes use of a vast set of functional cookies. Because they are functional and anonymised, you don’t have to give consent for these cookies (hence you don’t get a cookie consent banner). But we’d like you to know about them nevertheless.

The following cookies are in use to enable the proper functioning of the Carerix application:

  • wosid: contains the sessionID of the current user. The session ID is a unique number to technically identify the user.
  • woinst: contains the ID of the instance where all calls from the application should go to.
  • agencyID: stores the ID of the users office in Carerix.
  • cookiesON: indicator if the browser accepts cookies.
  • cookies: indicator if the browser accepts cookies.
  • customera: session access code. Used for extra validation of the sessionID.
  • customerp: contains the encoded password of the user
  • customerr: contains the encoded ID of a system file (CRToDO) which is created during login and enables the possibility of a silent relogin and session restore in case of an application crash.
  • exportToken: code used for validation of permission to view a generated document template. For example: if a individual user exports a CV, the url can only be viewed by you.
  • language: language of the current user. Makes sure the next time you visit the same language is used in the (pre-)login process.
  • COOKIE%3bPHPSESSID%3b%2f%3btools%2ecarerix%2ecom –: session set from call via nph-proxy. Is used to technically identify a Carerix user to use PHP modules separated from the main application.
  • PHPSESSIONID: PHP session identifier. Is used to technically identify a Carerix user to use PHP modules separated from the main application.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is being used to analyse the use and usage patterns of the Carerix applications. All data gathered is anonymised and therefore not subject to privacy law.

The following cookies are in use to enable Google Analytics:

  • _gat: Anonymous unique user identifier. This cookie is being used to limit the number of requests to the Google Analytics servers.
  • _ga: Anonymous unique user identifier. No personal data are stored. A random user ID is generated to identify the user as a unique one. This cookie is valid for 2 years.
  • _gid: Anonymous unique user identifier. No personal data are stored. A random user ID is generated to identify the user as a unique one. This cookie is valid for 24 hours.


Carerix is using Intercom as a customer support and communication platform. In-app messages can be sent to logged in users, if needed those messages can be targeted to a specific group of users. For example only system administrators. Users can chat with support and find links to our Help Center and Status page. For more information on what information we share with Intercom, see our privacy statement.

The following cookies are in use to enable the proper functioning of Intercom and Carerix:

  • intercom-id-xxx: Unique anonymous identifier – Anonymous visitor identifying cookie. As people visit they get this cookie. Cookie is valid for 9 months.
  • intercom-session-xxxxx: Identifier for each unique browser session. This session cookie is refreshed on each successful logged-in ping, extending it to 1 week from that moment. The user can access their conversations and have data communicated on logged out pages for 1 week, as long as the session is not intentionally terminated with Intercom shutdown, which happens on log out.

How can you refuse the use of cookies or how can you delete them?

As Carerix is not gathering any personal information through cookies, it is not obliged to ask for preliminary consent. It is however possible to switch off cookie support in your browser. Read the manual of the specific browser you are using to find out how to switch off cookies, this differs per browser. The proper functioning of Carerix applications cannot be guaranteed when cookies are switched off.

How to contact us

If you have any questions with regards to cookies or privacy, please contact us:
+31 (0)85 743 04 50 

Who we are

Carerix B.V. is part of the Pixid Group and our mission is to enable our customers to make the ultimate match with our staffing and recruitment platform. As this means in practice that different kinds of (personal) data will be stored in our systems, Carerix is committed to comply with the GDPR. We value this data and we want to be transparent about the data that is collected.