Customer case Rockstars IT: e-Assessments for Rockstar candidates

This time, the blog series about special users of Carerix is about the rockiest staffing company I've ever seen: Rockstars IT. Rockstars is an office that hires out young IT professionals to their clients. But it's not that easy to work for rock stars who call themselves 'Agency'.

Choose faster and better

Rockstar jobs are limited to a few positions per year. This means that only the best IT people are accepted. Recruitment is via ‘member gets member’ and ‘wildcards’. And the IT people are then wrapped in cotton wool after they have been recruited. Continuous training in the industry, but also the development of one’s own skills is very important at Rockstars IT. A Rockstars Academy was even founded for this purpose.

The StudentenBureau also belongs to the same group. This office is the market leader for placing qualified students and interns in study-related part-time jobs. They do this for around 1500 HBO/WO students each year. Both offices have their headquarters in Den Bosch, as well as branches in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

We spoke to Joost van Liempt, managing director of the StudentenBureau. And recently he has been using the tooling of the Belgian company Thalento on the Carerix ATS platform for both labels. What’s more, he is a Carerix user who uses the Thalento link and loves it. “We’ve done about 200 tests with it now.”
“We already had a contract with an agency that delivered assessments. But this cost our own staff (and the candidates) a lot of time. We were looking for a way that would give us more flexibility at less cost and less time. And the possibility of being able to link our ATS system from Carerix was also very important to us. We found all this at Thalento. It saves a lot of time and we can also manage all activities from one system.”

The StudentenBureau is about larger groups of students (the StudentenBureau interviews around 3000 students a year) that we want to quickly test on basic skills such as thinking, acting, communicating and working together. Our question here is: “What are the inclinations of this candidate and does he fit in well with the work we offer?” The client gets to know the candidate better in advance, he makes a professional impression and offers added value and we notice that many young people find it positive and interesting to share something more about themselves in this way.

Rockstars is about tests that can measure both competency and ability of applicants. For recruitment, these are the same, but once applicants work with us, there is often a desire for more in-depth, specific tests. When we get to know each other for the first time, Thalento supports us with the question: “Is this candidate a potential rock star?” And of course it also gives the candidate more insight into his own personality, motivation and weak points.
Linking to Carerix means staying in the familiar Carerix environment. The test results are neatly stored in the candidate’s profile. Practical! And we can give the test results our own look and feel, so it’s immediately recognizable that it’s a product from one of our offices. This creates our charisma and quality for our clients.

“Have you been working with Carerix for a long time?” I ask. “About six years,” is the reply. “Last year we were also the first users to work with the digital signature in Carerix. We find the development of the Carerix partner ecosystem very useful with all the linkable tools from other suppliers. And it’s convenient that we can choose for ourselves which additional tools are valuable to us and which are not. For example, we also follow developments related to the integration of Cammio’s video software.”
Rock around the clock by Bill Haley, never a dull moment goes through my head as I say goodbye…Swing it!

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