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With the semantic search and matching software by Actonomy, you can quickly find the best candidates (and vice versa: the best jobs for candidates) without having to add search terms.


Quick search/match function in your own candidate database and external resume sources. With the standard matching you can easily use a vacancy text and immediately find the best fitting candidates (or the other way around, find the best fitting vacancy with a resume).


Actonomy AI Matching Plug-In

With one press of the ‘match’ button, you’ll get a real shortlist of candidates directly, no more wasting time! Click – match – refine!

Ranking, detail, and GAP

For each match, you’ll get all the details, and the GAP between candidates and vacancies. Moreover, you can compare candidates with one another by one extra press of a button.

Interactive matching

After matching, you’ll see all the details, and if you want, you can record your own preferences. This way, you can make certain criteria mandatory, or add other criteria. This way, you quickly gain insight into the whole matching process.

Skills based matching

With interactive matching, you can easily match on your most important criteria. Is work experience an important criterium? Or would you rather match on skills and competence?

Searching in external CV pools

The external CV pool doesn’t just take candidates from your own database, but also searches candidates on external vacancy websites 

A suitable candidate, but no own vacancy?

Want to know which companies have vacancies open for one of your best candidates? With the standard integration of market leader Jobscraping – Index/Advertsdata, you can immediately see where these vacancies are and how well your candidate matches with it.


Actonomy Automatching

Automatching is Actonomy’s platform that automatically finds matches for your outstanding vacancies. Flexible settings make it possible to continuously find the best matches, so you’re the first one who sees new candidates.

Besides, Automatch can find vacancies for candidates in your system. Each candidates gets to see their best matches. If possible, this process can also be automized within your workflow.


Integration Carerix

The Carerix plug-in by Actonomy is a supplely integrated plug-in which you can easily and transparently use for better matches, with support of Artifical Intelligence, with the standard integration of Index/Advertsdata, the leading job scraper in many European countries. For more integration information: Actonomy Carerix Plugin.

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