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Thanks to theMatchBox, enriching your candidate database and matching candidates and vacancies is easier than ever. We provide you with software that generates more inflow through your own jobsite - you focus on the human behind the resume. Easy!


Assisted Matching

Thanks to theMatchBox, Carerix users can adjust searches and add their own touch. Through assisted matching, the consultant can add skills to the search, change the weight of importance or make certain things mandatory. This way, a consultant can always get 30% more from their talent pool in Carerix and save 20 minutes per search. Added value for every agency, interim and secondment employer.

Lead Generation thanks to integrating with Jobdigger

Thanks to the unique partnership between theMatchBox and Jobdigger, it’s possible to match candidates from your own Carerix ATS with every external vacancy in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands with just the press of a button. This way, you’ll automatically discover new potential clients that are looking for your candidates.

Automated Matching

Thanks to theMatchBox, Carerix users can now automize their matching process, too. Whenever a new candidate is added to your ATS, theMatchBox will match it with the right vacancies. This matching process is customized to your processes and tools from other Carerix partners.

Precision & Integrality

With matching, precision and integrality are essential. This way, Carerix clients won’t lose any opportunities when searching for the perfect job or candidate. Luckily, precision & integrality are theMatchBox’ USP.

Skill based matching

theMatchBox gives the Carerix user complete transparency and insight on why a match is made. By using a user-friendly interface, it’s clear which skill gaps & bonus skills there are. This way, a match is found in the blink of an eye, without reading a resume.

More than just matching

With theMatchBox, customization is possible, like:

  • Integration with the VDAB to source candidates automatically
  • Job search with the highest precision and integrality on the market
  • Candidate search
  • Automated matching within Carerix
  • Integration with your marketing automation tools like Hubspot for job alerts
  • Enriching candidate data


Integration Carerix

The Assisted Matching module by theMatchBox is completely integrated in Carerix and is callable under several Carerix files. Outside of the standard integration, customization is possible, which can even be adjusted to the use of other partner products like Jobdigger.

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