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Booston is a Platform-And-A-Service. The software helps convert your vacancies automatically into online recruitment campaigns, exclusively published on the channels your candidates are active on.


  • Online recruitment of the best candidates
  • The Booston software takes over repetitive (recruitment) marketing tasks and enhances the visibility of your vacancies on all channels
  • From website to complete recruitment-marketing solution


Integration Carerix

Booston integrates with Carerix. Vacancies, team members, applications and candidate statuses are completely insightful within the Booston dashboards. This way, marketing is focused on supporting the actual day-to-day demand. Where possible, Booston automatically publishes campaigns, or sets them up for the client. Complete, provided with texts, targeting and budget optimization. Is the vacancy filled? Then all integrated campaigns are paused immediately. This automated approach, with all channels under one roof offers (a lot) more results than a general approach. Besides, our clear dashboards make it possible to directly implement adjustments to running campaigns. This doesn’t just save time, but also calls for a focused approach toward candidates that have the most value at a certain time.


Nick Broekman



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