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It’s important to reach candidates at the right moment, with the right messages. Because when you integrate contacts, and know where they are in the recruitment process, you are one step ahead. With tools like workflows, and following social media, you can attract candidates with the Hubspot integration in Carerix and provide them with useful information at the right moment in their process.


  • Manage your marketing and recruitment activity from 1 platform
  • Hubspot gives you a central place where you can create, optimize and analyze content, and register leads.
  • The system doesn’t just focus on how many people you reach, but also on how many of these will become a client, and how this process can be improved.


Integration Carerix

Connect ATS with CRM
An ATS that’s connected to your CRM, streamlines the recruitment process. So that you can integrate talent pools to clients, for example. This way, clients and candidates can converse with one another, even if they stay in separate systems. Recruiters can make data-based decisions because of this.

Real-time synchronization between contacts, companies, and status
When new candidates or clients are added to your ATS, these will automatically be synchronized with your CRM-system and the other way around. The same happens when you change contact details in one of the systems.

Expand your Carerix application with tools for marketing automation
With HubSpot you can manage your marketing schedule from one central place. With campaigns, you’ll attract candidates and clients, and with relevant content, you’ll keep them involved. This way, you can get in contact with the candidate / client, at the right moment during their procedure.

Sales and recruitment teams have access to the same information
By integrating ATS and CRM, both teams can undertake action when a new opportunity arises.


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