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Twinfield is a software solution that helps companies manage their HR and accounting processes, like recruitment, onboarding, HR-analysis, and reports efficiently. It offers an integrated and user-friendly interface with which companies can streamline and automize their HR-activities.


Twinfield can be coupled to Carerix, a recruitment and applicant tracking system. This coupling makes it possible to exchange information between both systems, so that business can work together seamlessly, while streamlining their recruitment process. This way, vacancies from Carerix can automatically be transferred to Twinfield, so that HR-managers can manage and follow up the applications in Twinfield. At the same time, applications that have come in through Twinfield can automatically be synchronized with Carerix, so that recruiters can use this information during the recruitment process.


Integration Carerix

The Connector by Solid Online forms an intermediate layer and makes sure Twinfield and Carerix can read and write each other. Your information streams go to the hirers, suppliers, and internal applications seamlessly, and, if wanted, back. The communication between the systems is set up and translated in our Mapping-module. This way, data is correctly sent for further handling. Solid Online assures maintenance on the coupling. If anything changes within the software package, the coupling will automatically stay up to date. The coupling is now scalable and futureproof. Integration your Carerix surroundings to other applications has never been this easy!

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