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WhatsApp is the fastest communication channel during the recruitment process. All WhatsApp conversations can be started directly from Carerix, one on one, or multiple candidates at once.


More than half of the communication with a candidate takes place on WhatsApp nowadays. And it isn’t just contact about a candidate’s vacations or weekends, but mostly about when they’re available for an interview, how much they can earn and when they can start. Very valuable information, that is now only present on the phone of the recruiter. By logging into Carerix, you’re automatically linked to the WhatsApp Inbox, and you can send WhatsApp messages directly from Carerix. Complete, and GDPR-proof.

And that’s not all. Want to know when your candidates are available, send out job alerts, or start the pre-selection for a vacancy? With the WhatsApp function in Joboti  you can send your messages to multiple candidates at once, or send messages automatically whenever you want. Joboti’s virtual assistant replies and registers the answers to useful data in Carerix. Making it easy and fast.


Integration Carerix

  • WhatsApp Smart Inbox lets you WhatsApp with candidates and contacts directly from Carerix and save all conversations automatically.
  • With Joboti’s WhatsApp function, you can send messages to multiple candidates at once, or send messages automatically whenever you want. To ask candidates when they’re available, or if they’re interested in a specific vacancy, for example.
  • All WhatsApp conversations can be taken over and shared. This way, you’re always up to speed, even when a colleague is sick or on leave.
  • All WhatsApp communication is saved in Carerix in line with GDPR-legislation.

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