Pro HRM offers a full-service back-office for agencies and secondments. From setting up contracts, to paying out salaries and margins. We are here for intermediaries, their employers, and employees. Thanks to our professional advice, optimal processes and smart system solutions, our clients grow faster.

Collaboration with Carerix

If you are looking for an efficient and effective way to run your employment agency, secondment, or recruitment company, then a collaboration between Carerix and PRO HRM is the perfect solution for you. By combining the front-office by Carerix, and the back-office by PRO HRM, you can carry out all your duties more efficiently and avoid useless or double work. Moreover, administrative errors are reduced, so you have can spend more time on the core tasks of your business.

With the collaboration between Carerix and PRO HRM you can count on a personal, client-focused approach, and tailored solution for your company.

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