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Quick & Easy matching
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Actonomy AI matching plug-in

The best candidates in a fast and easy way

A single click gets you a ranked list of the best candidates – a real shortlist of candidates and jobs.

Ranking, detail and GAP

Transparancy is key for Actonomy and for every match, a detailed overview is given as well as the GAP between candidates and jobs.  In addition, a single click gets you a comparison between candidates.

Interactive matching

Interactive matching allows you to set and define your own parameters such as weights, must have criteria and even add criteria that were missing in your job description!

Skills based matching

Experience might not always bet he most important criteria for you but skills might be!  Simply change the setting and get candidates based on skills!

Searching  in external CV pools

Not a good candidate in your own pool?  The integrated searching functionality in external pools, gets you the candidates from external job boards with a single click.

A good candidate but not a vacancy?

Want to know where there are open jobs in the market?  Or want to match a good candidate and approach new clients? Thanks to the integration with Index/Advertsdata, the leading job scraper/ job aggregator, it only takes a single click to matches your candidates to open jobs.

Actonomy Automatch

Automatching is Actonomy’s platform that will automatically create matches with your open vacancies. Flexible settings make it possible to continuously find – in the background – the best matches for you so that you are the first to see the new candidates in external sources.

On the other hand, Automatch can also search for vacancies for candidates in your system. Each candidate will also see the best matches and if necessary this process can be automated within your workflow.