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Introduce more flexibility, quality and speed when dealing with contracts
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Digital Signing

Contract administration now completely digital thanks to Digital Signing

Distinguish yourself from the competition and improve flexibility, quality and speed when processing contracts.

Flexibility and responding quickly are important characteristics for personnel intermediaries. And process digitalisation can play an important role on both fronts. However, contracts still tend to be dealt with in an old-fashioned manner, via the post. This is not only labour-intensive, but also time consuming and costly. In addition, it increases the risk of incomplete files and late deliveries. But digital signature now makes this a thing of the past. We have established a partnership with Intradata to add a digital signature module to our standard workflow.

Contract administration via the post is time consuming, labour-intensive, costly, non-sustainable and accompanied by a higher risk of errors.

  • Processing time can easily be 10 days via the post
  • Physical on-site presence requires a lot of resources
  • It can easily take 25 mins per candidate using paper; printing, scanning, processing and sending.
  • Risk of incomplete dossiers and late information, validation and checking errors
  • Printing, sending via post, paper and personnel time.
  • Printing, physical dispatch, paper and scanning.

Legality This means of signature is legally valid in all member countries of the European Union (Directive 1999/93/EC). PKI government certificates are used to safeguard the legality of signatures. You sign via SMS/TAN authentication.


Your benefits


  • Accelerated process:
    • Improved processing ratio: 25 minutes saved per envelope
    • Shorter processing time (paper/digital): 10 days to a few minutes
  • Improvement in quality: complete files.
  • Process optimisation: possible to implement centralised administrative processing.
  • Cost savings: reduce paper and postage-related costs: 65 %
  • Sustainable: 100% paper-free
  • Flexible: Pay-per-use
  • Multi device GUI based on HTML5 technology: Pc, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Modern and innovative: Completely SAAS and internet-based solution.
  • Certainty: Secure online environment; available any time, any where.