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24/7 recruitment
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Virtual recruitment assistant (Chatbot)

Carerix has entered into a collaborative agreement with Joboti, an innovative start-up in Amsterdam. Joboti has developed a virtual recruitment assistant that can communicate with employees and candidates via various chat channels.

“The chatbot ensures a better candidate experience, also outside of office hours” – Bart Jan van Trommel (Astorium)

Automating conversions enables contact with candidates and employees and optimises the recruitment process (higher quality, lower costs).


  • A chatbot is easy to use and available 24 hours a day.
  • Possibility to recruit extra candidates without the use of a recruiter.
  • A better bond between the company and employee or candidate.

“The introduction of a chatbot has essentially enabled us to add a virtual recruiter to our team.” – Jan van Dijk (Octas)

A large percentage of visitors, namely 36%, chat outside of office hours and receive an immediate answer to their questions any time of day. The fully automated chatbot takes care of several simple processes in the recruitment cycle that are of added value to both recruiters and candidates.

For example, the chatbot can help recruiters establish a candidate profile, assist in the candidate pre-selection process and help contact candidates from the talent pool. Interaction with candidates increases involvement and ensures that recruiters can work more efficiently thanks to a user-friendly overview of collected and structured data.

Video | Interview Joboti HQ