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Exact software is a business software that offers different modules for finance, project management, logistics, CRM and more. It’s meant to streamline business processes, while increasing the efficiency.


Looking at integration possibilities with Carerix, Exact software can be integrated into Carerix through a connector. This connector creates a seamless exchange of data between the two systems. This way, information about clients, invoices, proposals, and products can automatically be synchronized between Exact and Carerix. This saves you time and reduces the risk of errors.


Integration Carerix

The Connector by Solid Online forms an intermediate layer and makes sure Exact and Carerix can read and write each other. Your information streams go to the hirers, suppliers, and internal applications seamlessly, and, if wanted, back. The communication between the systems is set up and translated in our Mapping-module. This way, data is correctly sent for further handling. Solid Online assures maintenance on the coupling. If anything changes within the software package, the coupling will automatically stay up to date. The coupling is now scalable and futureproof. Integration your Carerix surroundings to other applications has never been this easy!

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