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Chatbots have become part of our lives. Companies like Coolblue, Bol and KLM often make use of Chatbots to speak to their customers. But within recruitment, chatbots are used more often to improve the candidate experience. As a result: 24/7 availability and more applicants.


Carerix and partner Joboti view the chatbot as a useful addition, and not as a replacement of the recruiter. The chatbot makes firsthand moments of contact possible 24/7, for example, after which the recruiter must take over the personal contact. With the use of a chatbot you simplify the contact with a candidate, and you lower the threshold for contact.

Use the chatbot for:

  • Repetitive, administrative tasks
  • During orientation and evaluation
  • Offering a solution for GDPR-legislation
  • Imbed JobAlters
  • Pre-selection for high-volume vacancies


Finally, it has turned out that candidates are more willing to give out certain personal details to a chatbot, compared to an application form on the website. This gives more insight into the candidate which might later lead to valuable leads.


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