Blue services Group

All administrative, legal, fiscal, and financial aspects of your job can be left in the hands of Blue Service Group. Even when you’re the legal employer and want to have the turnover written down. Processing time sheets, payroll, invoices, or receivable accounts? Blue Service Group manages all back-office activities.

Collaboration with Carerix

Running an employment agency brings lots of challenges. We understand that implementing the right software for your front-office is just the start. You need a back-office that’s just as good, including the right employment contracts, collaboration agreements and payroll for your employees. It’s crucial to manage the risks and have enough cashflow to deal with unexpected challenges.

We are proud partners of Blue Services Group because they offer the perfect solution to take on these challenges, as a back-office supplier. Blue Services Offers an entire back-office service, to build your company to one that is professional, certified, and healthy. With our collaboration with Carerix for the front-office software, you are assured of an optimal coupling and integration between the front and back-office.

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