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MailChimp is a commonly used software for email marketing. Automize sending out newsletters with a user-friendly interface. Statistics will give you a clear insight and Mailchimp makes it easy for you to make changes and test these, with an A/B testing for example.


One of the email marketing instruments within the Carerix platform is the integration of the professional email system MailChimp. Completely fitting within the workflow in Carerix. With this coupling you’ll receive insights on which clients and prospects are interested in your service on the one hand. On the other hand, you’ll know which candidates/freelancers have read your newsletters and which topics interest them most. The ultimate goal is to enrich your knowledge to create the ultimate match.

  • The newsletter clicks/read results are easily measurable, these are linked to the concerned person in the Carerix system.
  • You can work more precisely, based on relevant information that can be converted into other follow up actions
  • Use the measured results from MailChimp to take the best commercial step forward


Integration Carerix

With a platform that has enough (qualitatively good) data, you can approach your target audience very precisely and personally with relevant content and vacancies. This way, for example, you’ll know exactly who opens your mailings and how often people click through to the blogs and vacancies.

A few days after sending out the newsletter you can create a list of the recipients that have clicked on a specific link. You can send them a specific follow up email or use this information to specifically approach them by telephone. In fact, this is a very simple example of what you can do with marketing automation.

  • MailChimp is completely integrated into Carerix and is thus a part of your daily workflow.
  • With the press of a button, you can activate the free MailChimp integration yourself. You’ll need to have a MailChimp license (both the free and paid version will work).
  • You can choose from many standard templates. You can adjust these to your wishes.

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