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Carerix Recruitmentsoftware

Carerix enables Recruitment Teams to make the Ultimate Match between talent and demand. We strongly believe that making the perfect match will always be about finding the right balance between automation and keeping the human touch. This applies to both our product side as well as to how we do business with you… our customer.

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The solution for every Recruitment Team

Adjust Carerix to your work processes and keep differentiating yourself with your methods. Whether you’re active in Recruitment, Flex work, Secondments, a combination, or Corporate Recruitment, Carerix fits seamlessly into your organization.

Recruitment and Selection

When you attract candidates for your clients, you’ll use different recruitment techniques. You’ll set up recruitment campaigns, search your database and LinkedIn network you’ve built, and you’re actively sourcing new candidates for your jobs. With Carerix, you can streamline all these processes within 1 system, with a clear overview of all the running procedures.

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With our solutions for staffing, your process goes a lot further than the placement. Beside our functionalities for recruitment, you can expand with contract management, document management, time registration and invoicing integrated with your payroll or finance program to support the entire process.

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Temp Recruitment

Set up recruitment campaigns and quickly follow up on applicants. Make active use of your own database with advanced search technology and lead generation from one system. Organize your talent pools and contact moments with our CRM-functionalities and automize repetative tasks. High volumes in less time with specific processes? Streamline the flex process with Carerix as your front-office-system, integrated with your back-office, payroll, or billing software.

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Corporate Recruitment

With the Corporate Recruitment Suite, you’re bringing in the complete support for you and your team, completely adjustable to your work process. Easily shift between candidates, hiring managers and suppliers through email, WhatsApp, and portals, from one system. You can integrate your HR-system for onboarding, and with our dashboards and reports you gain insight into your time-to-hire, to improve processes.

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Recruitment Automation

Repetitive activities for you as a recruiter, or moments of contact where less “personal touch” suffices, can and should be automized as much as possible. Automation is a broad concept and is applicable to each part of your daily job. You decide what you automize with Carerix Recruitment Automations.

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Omnichannel Communication

Your candidates and contacts have a preferred communication channel. Whether that’s through WhatsApp, text, email, or calls, they can always come to you. Communication is automatically logged in Carerix and is insightful for you and your colleagues. Curious about how you can streamline your communication with Carerix?

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Recruitment Marketing Automation

Which adverts has your candidate viewed, which emails have been opened and which vacancy was clicked? With marketing automation, you can automize your next action or get in personal contact at the right moment, based on these interests.

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Carerix Recruitmentsoftware

With Carerix, you not only get the best ATS & CRM system for the recruitment industry but also a knowledge partner since 2004. With our best-of-breed strategy, you have access to the best recruitment technology in the market for recruitment teams. We handle the integrations, you make the choice.

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