Software for Corporate Recruitment

With the Corporate Recruitment Suite, you’ll bring in full assistance for you and your team, completely adaptable to your work process.

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Corporate Suite

Easily communicate between candidates, hiring managers and suppliers through email, WhatsApp and portals, and everything is completely integrated in your Carerix. You can integrate your HR-system for onboarding, and with our dashboards and reports you have an overview of your Time to Hire, to improve processes.


Corporate Recruitment Suite

  • User-friendly interface
  • Adaptable recruitment process
  • Careers site integration
  • Email and agenda integration with Microsoft and Google
  • GDPR proof
  • Advanced search functionality
  • LinkedIn integration
  • WhatsApp integration


  • Hiring Managers and Suppliers portal
  • Build and maintain talent pools
  • Campus Recruitment suppor
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Target audience analysis
  • HR software integration
  • Marketing Automation integration

Flexible and Adaptable

No recruitment process is the same, and you can even differentiate yourself with yours. With our user-friendly interface and adjustable workflows, the system adapts itself to you. You can start off with our best practice workflows immediately, but if you want things just a bit different, then you can easily adapt them to your own wishes. With Carerix you are bringing in broad experience for both SMEs and larger organizations.



Search and Source

As a corporate recruiter, you seduce candidates to apply to your vacancy, and you want to take anything you can from the database you built. The candidates in your database are of great value, you want to take anything you can from it and not miss any opportunities.
Besides, you’re actively sourcing candidates through LinkedIn, for example, which you easily draw into your Carerix. With the advanced search technology in Carerix, you will always find the most fitting candidate, whether that’s based on keywords in a resume, specific skills, or education. With Assistant Matching, potential matches are offered to you on a silver platter.


All communication through WhatsApp, email and text with candidates and contacts is automatically saved to the right file in Carerix, no matter the communication channel. This way, you will have a complete overview ot the moments of contact between you or your
colleagues and the candidate, and you are always up to speed on the contents of the last moment of contact.

Hiring Managers

Communication on introducing candidates isn’t always as structured as you’d wish. Candidates are introduced by the recruiter through mail, the hiring manager looks at them a
week later, because he’s busy. The result is that the candidate might not be interested anymore at this point, the hiring manager ‘saves’ CVs in his mailbox and information for
reports are missing. With the Hiring Manager portal, you make sure the entire recruitment process within your organization takes place within a single system. From integration of an approval flow that starts with the inquiry of a vacancy at the company, to the onboarding of a new employee.

Dashboards and reports

With Carerix you have access to clear dashboards and reports which you can use to make analyses. Think about insights on the Time to Hire, or which channels yield the best candidates for you. We also offer the possibility to add multiple data sources to your BI Tool.


As a corporate recruiter, you will receive candidates through different channels. Your career website, sourcing, colleagues and often through recruitment agencies. The latter will usually send you multiple candidates at once, and while you are chasing your hiring manager, they are chasing you for feedback. With the supplier’s portal you can structurally send out vacancies to agencies of your choice, and you will receive candidates in the same way, directly into Carerix. You can invite candidates or reject them, and the agency
you collaborate with also gains insight in the process.


Beside a privacy statement on your website, stating how you will handle your candidate’s data, you will have to comply to this in your database where you save this data. With Carerix you are GDPR-proof, while maintaining enough flexibility to influence what happens to candidates. This way, you can easily (automatically) ask permission for the prolongation through email or WhatsApp, and you have an overview of whose consent is going to expire if you don’t take action. This way, you can even give it a try personally, to retain candidates before
they’re anonymized.



Campus Recruitment and Talentpools

Are you also recruiting trainees and starters for hard-to-fill vacancies? Then Campus Recruitment and building talent pools can be of help to you. Carerix offers different possibilities for building landing pages, managing talent pools, and synchronizing candidates
with a marketing automation tool.

Onboarding and HR Software

Use the possibilities for Onboarding like digital signatures and insight into documents through our portals or couple your HR Software.

Door de implementatie van Carerix in combinatie met de bijbehorende werkenbij pagina’s zijn wij in staat ons werving & selectie proces binnen de hele groep te structureren. Goede kandidaten gaan niet meer verloren, de processen binnen de verschillende BV’s zijn vereenvoudigd en het systeem is AVG proof. Door de zeer professionele begeleiding van een van de business consultants en de flexibiliteit van het systeem was de implementatie, ondanks het werken vanuit een thuiswerk situatie, snel en efficiënt gerealiseerd binnen de gestelde deadlines.

Deze flexibiliteit in combinatie met de automatiseringsmogelijkheden heeft ervoor gezorgd dat wij ons onboardingsproces met ruim 70% hebben weten te verlagen

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