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Carerix recruitment software - Corporate

Unlimited vacancy posting, the smartest software, the best partner integrations - Carerix offers all tools, techniques and solutions for companies with large and small vacancy workloads. From posting vacancies to sourcing temporary workers or permanent personnel.

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  • Talentpools

    The Talent pool functionality in Carerix allows you to build and manage specific pools of candidates. Targeted (marketing) communication with your talent pool can be used to speed up the time-to-hire process, improve candidate experience, achieve better matches and reduce staff turnover.

  • Campus recruitment

    To improve talent engagement, we offer Campus recruitment various possibilities for spotting, following and retaining young talent.

  • Internal Processes

    Want to use mobile-friendly portals to offer your Hiring managers an insight into your process? Or does your organisation have vacancy committees? You probably want to better manage your suppliers; we use intelligent portals to support various departments and stakeholders in the recruitment process.

  • Insight into time-to-hire / Cost-per-hire

    Want to know the most effective channel; want a quick insight into process steps; what can be made better, faster and more efficient? Carerix offers insight into your internal and external recruitment process.

  • Events / Campaigns

    When looking for talent at trade fairs and events, many customers use this module to spot local talent and register it easily, in their own corporate style and in a mobile-friendly manner. Offers insight into attendance and enables track and trace.

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