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Recruitment software for Staffing processes

Recruitment, selection and placement using a single front office system. Do you face high volumes, specific processes and time constraints? Then streamline your (complex) staffing process by connecting Carerix to your back office, remuneration or billing system as an effective front office. Experience the convenience offered by our special solution for (high volume) staffing.

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  • Talentpools

    The Talent pool functionality in Carerix allows you to build and manage specific pools of candidates. Targeted (marketing) communication with your talent pool can be used to speed up the time-to-hire process, improve candidate experience, achieve better matches and reduce staff turnover.

  • User Interface

    First impressions count – this also applies to your recruitment system. The Carerix User Interface is based on Google’s Material Design philosophy. The interface is fresh, familiar, logical and easy to use, which means it is even faster and more enjoyable to work with Carerix. In addition, you can also easily modify the User Interface to suit your company layout.

  • Personal workflow

    The Carerix platform can be designed to suit your preferences and the market in which you are active. After all, every business is different. You can, for example, deactivate non-relevant information to work even more efficiently. This configuration can also be connected to a candidate Status or a particular match phase. This saves a lot of time and makes user manuals a thing of the past!

  • Grip on your business

    In practice, it is often difficult to keep an overview of all activities in your organisation. The central Carerix platform offers you real-time insight and a grip on your processes and CRM activities. In addition, there are clear dashboards and pipelines to offer you the required transparency in conversions, which leads to predictable results and allows appropriate decisions to be made. For instance, you can receive status updates in the blink of an eye. After all, measurement is the key to knowledge!

  • Back office integrations

    Smart integrations with back-office systems allow you to use Carerix as front office for almost the whole process. The principle of “everything on one screen”, where information is exchanged between systems whenever necessary, helps to simplify complex processes. This means you will have enough time to focus on your main object; to realise the best matches.

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